Growing Up from 870 Grams

It’s Occupational Therapy Awareness Day!!!

  • Love a good therapist! So glad to hear that she is reaching those goals and enjoying the sessions. We're in search of a new OT for our kiddo. It's been difficult to find a good match. Yes, the path to independence! We still have speech-feeding on his service plan, but no provider there currently either. I found that he really seems to like stories that involved food. So, we've been doing our own thing. We'd read a children's book with the food item in it, play a (board) game involving it, and then cook/ make/taste. He needs visuals and an experience to attach to it. I wanted to mention, no meds here either. We used to have 10-12 in-clinic weekly therapies and now we have just 2-3. We're able to focus more on academics this year and we've been home more. We just started virtual speech twice/week and it's heaven. I hope it lasts.

    Sending hugs,