A Lifetime to Heal

Our story of hope

  • Hello! Congratulations on your amazing NICU graduate!! It has always occurred to me that no one realizes just what a miracle human conception, development and birth really is until they see a NICU  baby fight to breath, eat and grow. Thank you for sharing Lucas with us and I hope you keep us updated on his progress.

    Love and Hugs


  • Welcome to Share Karyn and congratulations on your son Lucas! I am so pleased to read that he met his NICU goals and came home to you both. No doubt the NICU journey takes times to process and you were there the whole time watching him fight and beat those odds. I felt the same way watching my oldest tiniest preemie grow. Keep taking those pictures and writing all of the details down. He'll ask and wonder about the time he was once so little. When he's older, he'll marvel at his parents' strength:)

    Sending hugs,


  • Thank you for sharing! Our little ones are stronger than we'll ever know! How old is he now? Hope he's doing well! <3