Boone's Blessing

Thank You

  • Hi welcome to share and I am sorry for your loss.  Until I started using Share I had never blogged before either.   I have experienced the same thing you had with other support groups until I found this site.  I hope that you continue to share with us  and your story. Know that everyone on Share is here for you.  Hugs. Nicki

  • Hello there,

    I am so glad that you are finding comfort in blogging here. In response to the technical aspect of your post, the blog post/comment/ reply section is not set up to be used as a thread with the option of replies, the forum part is, but those are seen by everyone that is reading the forum. To send individual private messages to specific users, you would want to  use the tiny little bubble message icon that appears two over to the left of your round picture icon, at the very top right hand corner of the site, when you are signed in. I'm going to send you a message to test it and you should receive a notification by email and an alert should appear when you sign in.


  • Like you, I wasn't a writer/blogger before beginning my blog in 2005.... but Share gave me a safe space to write (skills aside) and get my feelings out. I can't write anything I want here and know that I'm not judged, only supported 100%. It's been like that since Share Your Story began almost 13 years ago.

    As you said this club is never one anyone would willingly sign up for, but if we have to be in it... we don't have to do it alone. I'm grateful that you're finding peace in sharing Boone's story here and that you're feeling supported too. That has always been the entire purpose of SYS.

    Thank you for sharing Boone with us. I hope you continue to write and keep us updated on how you're doing.

    Hugs to you,