Boone's Blessing

Where it all started - Boone's birth story

  • Hello again. I am so happy that you found the blog space to tell your story. I hope to hear the rest of it soon.

    Love and Hugs


  • Thank you for sharing your story! Please keep us updated on you and your precious Boone.



  • Hello and welcome to Share. Thank you for sharing Boone's story. I am sending positive thoughts for positive progress. Please check in when you can.


  • Hi! I'm so glad you decided to create a blog to share Boone's story. Our stories have so many similarities in the beginning.

    I hope that this space allows you to share Boone with us and find peace through the process.



  • Thank you all. I was reluctant at first to make this all public but it is a good way to share our story and my son's story. The first couple weeks we were in the NICU I kept a small journal but not much of one. Its been therapeutic  to look back and write down our memories.