Life After EI

Prematurity Awareness Month: Year Four

  • I love this post! I truly believe that the people that are in our lives post NICU are how we survive this journey. Glad you have your tribe!

    I always say our NICU journey didn't end... it just changed course. And it's not an easy ride in any sense of the word. You're doing it. Charlie is doing it. Go you!



  • Rebecca- I so wish I could hug you right now.  You have had quite a ride and it not over but I hope you know that we will always be here for you and that amazing girl of yours.   You go above and beyond to make sure Charlie has ever opportunity imaginable.  You are one strong momma even when you don't always feel like it.   Thank you for sharing entrusting us with yours and Charlie journey.  I have enjoyed watching Charlie grow up and I love that smile of hers!  

    Much love,


  • I really commend you on your list of things your thankful for- I think it would take me awhile to come up with that many. Thank you for being here, for sharing, for all you do for the children's hospital, your constant advocacy for more help for children like Charlie. She is amazing, and so are you. Victory is overrated, surviving what should have killed you, now that's something to brag about.

    Love and Hugs


  • Beautiful picture and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing!