Life in NICU

Day 8

  • Hi there, I'm so happy you were able to hold your baby boy!!!  It is the best feeling.  Thinking of you and hoping that you are able to take him out whenever you want to hold him very soon :)   Keep us posted on his progress!



  • I remember that day! My daughter was 7 days old the first time I got to hold her. I remember they had to tape all her tubes to me. As her tubes and lines increased, so did the tape whenever I got to hold her. Now, whenever I smell tape it takes me back to sitting in the vinyl chair next to her incubator, trying to stay calm as a nurse placed her tiny body on my chest and then taping her to me. lol Thank you for sharing. I'm so happy you got to hold your baby boy!

  • Congratulations and so glad that you were able to hold him! Yay for happy news! I hope that he continues to meet his goals, so that you can take him home very soon. It will be a nice gift when you no longer feel like you have to ask permission to do this and that. Wishing you many more special moments like this one:)


  • What a beautiful picture! I am so glad you got to hold him. I hope he continues to progress so your family can be under one roof. Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us! Keep us posted on his and your journey.

    Love and Hugs


  • What an exciting and memorable day for you and Rocky. I know you won't ever forget this day. And you're right... kangaroo care is so important for both of you.

    Thanks for updating us. Give your little guy a kiss from all of us here at Share.


  • Congratulations on being able to hold your sweet boy!  That moment is one you will never forget!  Hugs and love.

    Much love