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Minion's Path

Modified Bed Rest

What is the definition of "Modified Bed Rest"? I have been searching on the web on and off for several weeks, and none of them is the same. MBR is dependent on each person and their doctor's assessment.

For me, my MBR consists the following restrictions:

- No more working... even at home.

- Allow shower, and bathroom breaks

- Allow to do 3 rounds of up/down stairs (basically for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

- Only allowed to drive to Dr's office every week.

I am thankful that I am still allowed to get myself some food, go to the bathroom and take a shower!!

First Week of BR:

Officially the BR started on a Tuesday, where Monday i am still trying to hand off activities to my colleagues, and to clean up as much stuff as i can. Tuesday, I kept myself busy on the phone in bed. Calling insurance to ensure the process have started, and asked more questions on coverage. Good to find out the amount of out of pocket that I need to pay, and instead of leaving it as a surprise payment after Minion is out. I have created a routine for myself. Get up in the morning at 615am, and struggle for 10 mins to get out of bed. Have breakfast, and get my snack/lunch bag ready for my hubby to take it to my command center. in the morning, I clean up emails, searches, blogs, calling insurance and HR - when needed. After lunch, usually i pass out for an hour or so, and wake up to watch some shows either on netflix/hbogo. Hubby comes home, goes down stairs one last time for the day, after dinner, its either take up the whole couch, or back up stairs and in bed/couch until time to zzz... usually passed out around 7~8ish, and when hubby ready to hit the sack, i would then woke up from command center and go back to bed....

What I enjoy about BR:

  • Not stressed at what time I get up in the morning, what time i need to go to work, nor worry about work email... (well, i still do.... wonder if they got this done or get that sorted..).
  • Able to have more time for my side of the family, as I now have time to talk to them via online text/chat.
  • Sleep when ever I want for how ever long I want - mostly until when phone call or dog barking woke me up.
  • Voice recognition/Text to recognition works exceptionally well.... for instance, text my husband to turn off the light for me.... after I heard his phone went off down stairs... wa la! Magic! (coz there is a swtich next to where he sits control the upstairs loft light :D)
  • Have time to look up things I want to read.

The less fun part about BR:

  • Can't go grocery shopping
  • Can't cook/clean/do dishes/do laundry.. basically anything around the house, i have to leave it.
  • Can't go to work
  • Can't do things for myself, everything has to be done by my husband or my brother in law.
  • Can't sit for long, has to be in a recline position or in bed.
  • Can't go into the store to look at baby stuff... 
  • And possible can't go to birthing class (either due to Dr's wont let me since its a whole day class... or Minion decided to pop out before that).

Every day I have to remind myself that, the ONE extra day Minion is able to remain cookin, he will be better off. And if we get to decide between belly and NICU.. i would choose Minion to remin in belly... so he can come out all grow to full term. Week 30, he still have a lot of growing to do.

Thursday, time for the weekly Dr's visit. Today hubby have time to go with me to the Dr's appointment so I dun need to drive - yeah~ . Our appointment was at 415, but we were about 30 mins earlier, thank goodness we went there earlier, as my OB was about to step out for a delivery. So given the few mins he have, he saw me and measured my cervix and check whether its efface or not.. Did not have major improvement in cervix length, but its holding in... But he is already seeing Minion is in position to get evacuated.... Indifferent.. So I asked the Dr before he bolt out the examination room.... "Do you think the baby will be coming out any time soon?".... he paused, and said give me another 2 weeks.... my interpretation was, I have at least another 2 weeks before Minion will self-evacuate, and where my husband's interpretation was that the baby will be coming out ANY TIME.......IndifferentTongue Tied I guess i need to continue to brush up my English... i know my English is not great, but did not realise it sux that bad.  Then i asked my Dr which hospital I should be heading to should Minion decide to self-evacuate.. and he said he will check for me...  Once i got out of the examination room, I overheard my OB on the phone with the hospital I preferred to go to.... confirming that they can take me (week 30)... if needed. I waited, and OB confirm they can take me any time after turning week 30 - good to know! as this hospital is closer (40 mins w/o traffic), and the other hospital with NICU is over an hour away, i might as well ended up deliver in the car...

After OB bolt out the office for a delivery, I asked another Dr in the office as when I can come back for ultrasound, as the last time she told me was after week 31. Then she told me, usually they will do the ultrasound at week 32, and given that she does not thing I will last till then, they can put me on the appointment for the following Tuesday....

Scared, excited, worried, anxious, and with whole bunch of other feeling... one thing we got from today's Dr's visit, Minion will be coming out early. 

Came home, I have asked my bro-in-law to bring up my suit case, so I can re-pack for my hospital bag.

Husband took out baby clothes we were given, and i folded them the following day... 

I can't wait for Minion's arrival, yet I know both Minion and myself need to be patient... as Minion still have lots of growing to do.

Action for the rest of the week 30:

  • Stay in Bed
  • Do nothing, except eat, rest and bathroom/shower.
  • Birthing plan
  • Check on Amazon for baby shower favor's "Thank You" sticker.
  • Put Thank You Sticker on the boxes
  • Tuesday U/S appointment
  • Thursday weekly checkup

Next Milestone.... week 33: Baby Shower!!

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  • Wow I am only a few weeks ahead of you:) I am 36wks with my lil guy. I cant amagen bed rest. But you seem to be holding up rather well. Hoping your precious minion stays safe in your belly to cook awhile longer. Sending you hugs during such an emotional time.                             Naul's mom

  • I am so happy that with bed rest you've been able to cook your little minion a little bit longer. I hope he keeps cooking!! I know first hand how unpleasant bed rest can be and how boring it can get sometimes. I can tell you that once your little guy is here the time you spent in bed will be just a faded memory. Sending you strength.


  • I'm so glad you and Minion are still going along!  I watched full seasons of some shows I wanted to catch up on and read a lot while I was on bedrest.  I tried needle point but never even finished one.  Keeping my fingers crossed for more weeks for you guys!


  • @Naul's mom, congratulations!!! 36 weeks!! you are getting close, hang in  here!! its only my 2nd week on BR, lets see how i hold up in a few more weeks :D

    @Jamie, Thank you so much for your words. My husband have been trying to setup everything for me.. to keep me entertained.. and keep me away from chores. Hoping he can cook for another at least 5 weeks if not 8 :D

    @Marissa, Same here. I've finished VEEP on HBO... surprised of how much i liked it.. i am now on some older shows.... such as SeaQuest, and The Pacific.. this week is YouTube Geek Week, some geek stuff but also some interesting posts... been reading magazine while i am having my breakfast and lunch... and trying to finish up my Birth Plan too.. hopefully i get it finished before Minion evacuates :P