Minion's Path

Modified Bed Rest

  • Wow I am only a few weeks ahead of you:) I am 36wks with my lil guy. I cant amagen bed rest. But you seem to be holding up rather well. Hoping your precious minion stays safe in your belly to cook awhile longer. Sending you hugs during such an emotional time.                             Naul's mom

  • I am so happy that with bed rest you've been able to cook your little minion a little bit longer. I hope he keeps cooking!! I know first hand how unpleasant bed rest can be and how boring it can get sometimes. I can tell you that once your little guy is here the time you spent in bed will be just a faded memory. Sending you strength.


  • I'm so glad you and Minion are still going along!  I watched full seasons of some shows I wanted to catch up on and read a lot while I was on bedrest.  I tried needle point but never even finished one.  Keeping my fingers crossed for more weeks for you guys!


  • @Naul's mom, congratulations!!! 36 weeks!! you are getting close, hang in  here!! its only my 2nd week on BR, lets see how i hold up in a few more weeks :D

    @Jamie, Thank you so much for your words. My husband have been trying to setup everything for me.. to keep me entertained.. and keep me away from chores. Hoping he can cook for another at least 5 weeks if not 8 :D

    @Marissa, Same here. I've finished VEEP on HBO... surprised of how much i liked it.. i am now on some older shows.... such as SeaQuest, and The Pacific.. this week is YouTube Geek Week, some geek stuff but also some interesting posts... been reading magazine while i am having my breakfast and lunch... and trying to finish up my Birth Plan too.. hopefully i get it finished before Minion evacuates :P