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  • Hello and welcome,

    Than you for sharing your story with us! Sounds like you are an amazing person who is able to rise above all expectations. I applaud all of your accomplishments and hope that you continue to grow as a person.

    Love and Hugs


  • Can I say well done for fighting and u are so brave I noticed ur birthday and and how much premie u were I have a son my youngest who was born 4 months early he was born on 28th Jan 16 but wasn't ment to be born until 30th April 16 he died 7 times had clip and tie on his heart chronic lung disease non oxygen dependent dysfunctional liver due to TPN he got NEC twice and each time was perforated 10cm then 20cm he has just had a hernia operation on 14th Dec 17 so they had to reopen his scar he can't have milk eggs  cheese or soya and to have all sorts in 1 day for him to pass is bowls he has relaxit enema every day 2 movicol every day and sodium polsate 5mls every day and he still can't pass it takes him 5 to 13 days and he's 2yrs and weighs only 20lb and that's been since August 17 xxxxx  but when I here of a premie surviving I think what will my son be like in the next few years all premies are amazing so well done

  • Welcome to SHARE!  Thank you so much for sharing your story with us all.  Stories like yours gives hope to other families that are just starting out on the NICU journey.  I too was born premature and was very sick.  I love to see that despite all the struggles you are enrolled in college.  Never give up.  Have you searched for your local March of Dimes Chapter.  Most areas have a big March for Babies event coming up.  Its a great way to get started with the March of Dimes.  Sending you so much love