Thinking of Sean


  • I am glad that your son Ethan has so much love for Sean. Children have a funny way of putting things into perspective. Best of luck in your future walks.


  • Hey should never ever worry about the number of people on your team or the amount you raised.  March for Babies is for you and it is to remember Sean and it is also a celebration of Ethan and Bryan.  It is an event to be surrounded by people who understand what you have been through.  It is to let you know you are not alone, even if all you had on your team was you.  All of that said, I am glad you will be out there next year with your entire family.

  • Jen, I'm so happy that you realized that's it's not the amount of money or the number of people on your walk team that matter. Remembering and honoring your angel son openly with your immediate family and supporting MOD by showing up is all that matters. I've had similar moments when I feel like it's just me, but then one of my guys reminds me that he is hurting too. I wondered if it mattered to my kids and it really does. They see purple items when we are out and about and immediately think MOD:) I think they're almost sneaky in their attempts to get me to buy toys that are purple. So yeah, I buy purple Minecraft shirts, purple Terraria corrupt bunnies, and purple Stick Bots:)  So cool that Ethan already has t-shirt designs and plans for next year! Love that!

    Sending hugs,


  • sometimes I too get a little jealous when I see how big some other teams are then I remember those who are walking and part of our team are those who want to be there, and want to help us celebrate Scott.  My parents, brothers, and two good friends ( and their daughters) walk every year and so it's just become a special thing we all do to remember and celebrate Scott.  I hope you have a team next year and it's an awesome day for you.   and you son sounds like my son always making sure to include his brother. Nicki

  • Just exactly what James said! I know that Abbey wouldn't be happy with me if I didn't take her to Walk Day, and its often just she and I. I don't have the huge herd that others do at the walk but it still means so much to me to know that we are all untied in one mission, to save babies. Abbey is often very willing to talk about Josie, and she often says she has  a "sister in heaven"

    Love and Hugs


  • Hugs!   There were many times it was just me and my mother in law that walked for team Trinity.  Never let the number of walker or how much you raise stop you.  For me walk day is the one day I year we honor her memory and also give back to a community that helped us through the hardest time.  You are doing amazing things and you can tell by the love you kiddos love their brother!  

    Much love