Small accident, big consequences.

A drivers negligence

  • I remember how hard it was leaving the hospital without my baby.  so glad to hear your baby is 3 and striving.  NICU teams are angels in disguise. Nicki

  • Hi there, welcome to Share and glad you found us.  I do remember that feeling, I'll never forget it.  Leaving the hospital without your newborn is an emotion that sticks with you for a lifetime.   Thank you for sharing your story.  So glad your sweet Alli is doing so well!!



  • Awww I can imagine how you felt , my daughter was born at 29 weeks there was an infection in ny fluid.Sophia was born on 11/17 she was 3 lbs 5 oz she was due on 1/31/12 .she was in the Nicu for 37 days we got to take her home on Christmas Eve. She is a happy healthy almost 7 year old .