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Guest Post - ShareUnion speaker and author Deanna Fei

  • Hi Deanna,

    Welcome to ShareYourStory! Thank you for sharing your story with the world, and with all of us here at Share Your Story.

    I heard your story via your NPR interview several months ago and just began reading your book yesterday. I've struggled to put it down. It's as if I'm reading my own story. My son, Ian was 2 years old when my twin daughters were born at just 25 weeks gestation.

    I look forward to finishing your book to learn more about your journey and especially look forward to meeting you next month here in Chicago.

    All the best,

    Karri - ShareYourStory Mom

  • Hi!

    I'm so excited you are coming to ShareUnion. I followed your story in the media. It is very similar to mine... in the terms of our babies births (mine was one pound eleven ounces) and the aftermath.

    I look forward to hearing you speak.


  • I, too, followed your story in the media.  I just ordered your book from Amazon and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.  My daughter was also born at 25 weeks (1lb, 10oz).  I'm looking forward to hearing you speak at Share Union.  See you in Chicago.


  • Hello!

    I am very excited to see you at Share Union. I was not familiar with your story until now, but I look forward to hearing more about it. At the same time, I am very sorry you had to go through such a harrowing NICU experience with your daughter. I applaud your courageous efforts in bringing more attention to this very important yet often stigmatized issue. Thank you so much.



  • I can't believe I haven't heard your story until now, and I look forward to hearing more about your daughter and her journey. When my niece was born 3 months early in 1994, I was horrified by the cost of saving her life and that anyone would question if she was "worth" it. She is a thriving almost 21 year old today and there's no way anyone would ever question her worth now. I'm sure the same is true of your daughter.

    Thank you for joining us at Share Union this year! I know you'll love being a part of the Share family as much as we'll love having you. I look forward to meeting you soon.


  • Look forward to meeting you and for your sharing your story.  My journey with my son was a different since he was not considered premature and yet never came home.  But I still face the same things such as feeling uncomfortable bringing up up that I really have two boys.  That moment of putting yourself out there and not knowing what you will get in response.   It's sad when there are people out there who feel a life doesn't count just because they were born that young.  I have had people in my life who don't understand my need for keeping scott's memory alive since he was only a two weeks old when he died.  See you in Chicago in a few weeks. Nicki

  • HelloDeanna,

    I have followed your story in the media and I am looking forward to meeting you and hearing you speak at ShareUnion.  


  • Hi Deanna -

    Thank you for sharing your daughter's story, and for standing up and fighting for all preemies. My oldest son was born at 26 weeks, after 16 days of hospital bedrest due to placenta abruption. He turned 15 today.

    I look forward to hearing you speak in a few weeks. Just ordered your book today!



  • Welcome to Share Deanna! Thank you for sharing some of your daughter's story with us. I look forward to meeting you and hearing more about your journey. I have 3 preemie boys: 2 living and 1 angel. My oldest little one spent 3 weeks in the NICU. I kept the bill as the cost of care was completely nutz! Thank your for speaking out and for encouraging others to do the same.


  • I am really looking forward to meeting Deanna in Chicago. She was able to put into words what so many of us who have been through the traumatic experience of having a critically ill newborn have felt. Words so many of us were afraid to say for fear they might come true. This is a book that very much needed to be written in order to show the world what these babies first weeks of life are really like. Sometimes I feel we focus so much on the positive outcomes and not enough on the journey. Thank you for sharing your story.


  • I remember hearing the headlines when AOL did that. It is inspirational how you are standing up for the voice of your child and so many others that are or have been in similar situations. I look forward to hearing you speak at Share Union!