Behind the Scenes with James

Member Spotlight: Lindsay

  • Lindsay, I love knowing more about you. You have been on here to help support all of us through the years and we appreciate it. I wish you lived closer so you could teach me more about history and our boys could play together. We could introduce new foods in such a fun way!


  • Lindsay - I am so grateful for everything you do on Share and all the advice and insight you have given me over the years!  I'm reading Turning Tables too!  Guilty pleasure, but actually pretty fascinating. I cried when she had to leave her girls. I hope you get to take your trip to Germany soon!  



  • It is always so lovely to read more about the people we all feel like we already 'know'.  Thank you so much, Lindsay, for all that you do and for sharing just a little more about yourself.


  • Lindsay, you rock!  I enjoyed learning more about you, and am looking forward to seeing you next week!


  • Hi Lindsay!

    I loved your answers. Especially about how the back seat doesn't appreciate it. I'm only allowed to sing very specific parts.  I can't wait to see you in less than a week!!!!!!

  • I miss you Lindsay! Hugs and love, Aimee

  • you have little critics too in the backseat when you sing...I get told that he is trying to listen to music pleeeaase be quiet. =)  Hope you make it to Germany soon! Nicki