Teachers have feelings too

6 Months Later ...

  • It's so sweet to have a little angel pin on your lanyard:) Not that she's ever far from your mind, but it's just nice to have something with you. I wear an angel wing on a necklace, not everyday like in the beginning, but available when I need it. I'm so glad to read that going back has you finding some footing again and that you have support for those harder days. Now that testing is out of the way, I wish you a smooth transition to summer months where you can stay in bed all you want.



  • I am so sorry for your loss. What a sweet idea to carry her with you daily in the form of the angel pin. Thinking of you. Hugs.

  • Its very different how kids are able to talk with us about our babies we lost so much more comfortably than fellow adults can. I also found it nice that someone wanted to talk about Josie, and let me use her name and speak about her as a real person. Happy that you have support and that your good days outnumber the bad.

    Love and Hugs


  • I love that you wear an angel pin. It is indeed a sign of strength and progress in an angel parent's grief journey when you can share. It took me quite a while when i lost my sons 10 years ago.

    Many hugs to you as you continue to walk this path.


  • So sorry for the loss of your girl.  I lost my son over five years ago and love it when I get asked about him and can talk with people about his story.  So glad your students and you were able to have open conversations about your girl.  Love the angel pin!