Though it All

We all storm in different ways.

  • Mrs. Maria Santos, CONGRATULATIONS  to both you and Fernando on your nuptials!!! Such a beautiful couple and photo. I LOVE the private intimate wedding ceremony with just a couple of immediate family at the court house. Your bigger ceremony taking place later on this year will be "the event" of the year:) I can already imagine you and your Mom with all of her decorations and party planning ideas.

    Oh lady, I am SO sorry for all that you've endured. I am learning new things here because I had no idea about those diagnoses or the possibility of that happening. I'm glad to read that you're okay and still with us! I'm sorry that your new year has started off this way, but you're keeping a positive outlook and that's so admirable. You know it well, one day or moment at a time is all we can ask of ourselves.

    Sending love and many hugs,


  • Hi Maria,

    I am so very deeply sorry for the loss of your pregnancy and the possible fertility ramifications i everything could have. You are a dedicated mother and a brave and strong woman. I hope your year gets better as you look forward to your "big" wedding day.

    Love and Hugs


  • First congratulations on your marriage!  I am sorry all the things that you have been through lately and what the final outcome was.  Many hugs to you. Nicki

  • So much love dear friend!!!