They Said It Couldn't Happen

Update on Eye apt along with how our weekend went and other ramblings

  • Keep us updated on Owen's eye appointment.  Glad you were able to up his feeding by 5 ccs, that's great.  You are doing a great job mama.  Keep it up.  Having a preemie is hard, but we are here to offer any support we can by words of encouragement.  



  • Hi welcome to share.  My son was on formula and it would cause him to have gas pains and not go as much.  I too had a chill baby, he wouldn't even cry when getting his vaccines.  He would just give a look like what did they just do to me?  My son is now 7 and a very happy, cheerful, laidback child so maybe that will be your son too.   I hope you are able to figure out what is going on with his eyes.  Nicki