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Finally moved!!

Hello everyone!


I have been absent, after I promised I was going to updating more often, but I promise you it was all for a good cause lol. So we finally moved!! I don't know if you guys remembered I was urgently trying to find a place that was rodent free. Well we did, we moved about 3 weeks ago. Everything it going oh so great. My little freddy-Eddie has been sleeping in his crib in his own room and it is just a joy. He sleeps through the night and now my room is so quiet and I can get a good night sleep since he is not grunting in my room. My daughter is also super excited with her new big girl bedroom. We are very pleased with this new place and the landlord is just wonderful.

My little freddy-Eddie turned 7 months yesterday (3mo 2 wks adjusted) he is weighing over 15lbs. I am super happy with his progress, he is in the 10th percentile for a full term 6-7 month old baby and in the 50th percentile for a full term 3 month old. I really can't complaint about life right now, I am truly blessed at the way he has turned out. He is a talker, from the moment he wakes up til bed time he is talking and laughing. I guess I can't expect anything less when you have a 5 year old big sister who is never quiet, who sings to you and makes plays for you.

We started solids a bit early since he has great head control and chugging down 8 oz of milk. YES!! 8 Oz.!! He had an infant follow up, not sure if they offer this in other states, but it went well all the doctors were more than impressed with his progress. I also went back to the NICU so the nurses could see him and they were so happy and excited. It was great seeing them again and not have to go in but just wait for them in the waiting area. We were able to see one if his primary nurses and she was so happy and took a few pictures of him, his other primary nurse was on maternity leave we might see her on our next visit.

Well, this was 3 months update lol I do promise this time that once the Christmas madness is over I will update more often and actually sit down and read.

Oh by the way did any of you guys see the video that went viral about the guy who did the video of a year's journey of his son in the NICU and after wards? I think its called Ward Miles or Benjamin miles or moore (wait is that the paint?) lol sorry any ways it was amazing and it was so sweet brought tears to my eyes. It gave some of my friends and family members a bit of perspective of the NICU.

Hey I think we should all send each other holiday cards?!?!?! Not sure how to do about sharing our addresses on here or if we could do it via email but it would be nice! I will post pictures soon.


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  • Soooo happy you are back for an update. I've been thinking about you and your two babes. So glad you guys got moved and out of the old apartment. I hate moving but I hate rodents more. Lol. I did in fact see that video and I was moved. I loved every second of it. What really got me most was when the moms gets to hold him for the very first time. I remember that feeling so well like it was yesterday even though it was almost 13 years ago. I hope every thing else in life is going well also. I think a Christmas card exchange is a great idea. I just mailed out 47 cards myself and would love to send you one also. Just send me a message on here with your address with you full real name too. :) I love sending out cards.

    Hugs and Holiday Blessings.


  • Hello,

    So glad to read an update from you!  I am excited that you got a new place, although I'm sure that moving with two little ones was tough.

    So glad that he's eating 8oz of milk!  That is a lot, lol, great that he's eating so much and growing.

    I also saw the video, I posted it to my facebook page. I agree with Jami, the best part was seeing his mom's face when she held her son for the first time.

    I love the idea of sending cards, too. :) Unfortunately our little one wasn't too happy at the photo shoot, so I don't think we'll send any out this year. Looking forward to pics of your little ones!