The strength I didn't know about

Finally moved!!

  • Soooo happy you are back for an update. I've been thinking about you and your two babes. So glad you guys got moved and out of the old apartment. I hate moving but I hate rodents more. Lol. I did in fact see that video and I was moved. I loved every second of it. What really got me most was when the moms gets to hold him for the very first time. I remember that feeling so well like it was yesterday even though it was almost 13 years ago. I hope every thing else in life is going well also. I think a Christmas card exchange is a great idea. I just mailed out 47 cards myself and would love to send you one also. Just send me a message on here with your address with you full real name too. :) I love sending out cards.

    Hugs and Holiday Blessings.


  • Hello,

    So glad to read an update from you!  I am excited that you got a new place, although I'm sure that moving with two little ones was tough.

    So glad that he's eating 8oz of milk!  That is a lot, lol, great that he's eating so much and growing.

    I also saw the video, I posted it to my facebook page. I agree with Jami, the best part was seeing his mom's face when she held her son for the first time.

    I love the idea of sending cards, too. :) Unfortunately our little one wasn't too happy at the photo shoot, so I don't think we'll send any out this year. Looking forward to pics of your little ones!