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SU 2013

Since I started attending ShareUnion in 2009, I've not known what to expect. My first year, there were no expectations ... but what I came away with was immeasurable. And the subsequent years, I'm sure there were things I learned about myself or how to continue on this lifetime journey of grief. But the interesting thing about SU is that the personal "take aways" are different each year.

Last year was a huge step in my healing process -- being able to hold Sam's little guy Jaxson. As I wrote last year, I vowed, after losing my sons, that I would never hold another newborn baby until I finally had my own. And a newborn boy, well ... off limits for this momma. But for some reason last year, I was drawn to Jaxson. And I had no regrets.

This year was different. For me, 2013 was more a year of insight ... having pre-planned stories based on my audience, and giving my husband much more credit than I have in our grief journey. Specifically, that although he doesn't actively participate with fundraising or other MOD events like I do -- he contributes in other ways so that I can do what I want and need to do ... both for my sons and others.

To be honest, this year's take away was disappointing initially. But as I rehashed the weekend's events in my head on the flight home, I realized that each year is different. Each year brings new speakers, new thought processes ... and a new dimension of me. .



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  • What a great perspective, Erin. I think what Randi said about what dads/husbands do was really important. I hope Dan knows you're giving him credit :)

    Your girls are so lovely! It was so nice to see you last week.


  • Erin, I so understand this as each SU brings more perspective on self and just exactly where we all are individually on this journey.  I am so inspired by hearing others' stories, but I also look to you ladies who have been traveling longer than me.  The way that you continue to love and honor your boys all the while raising two beautiful girls . . . amazing strength!  I am so thankful for the walk. It felt good to breathe some non-conference room air for a bit and catch up. As always, I wish we had more time.  Thank you for allowing me to get those words out and for being so kind to listen.

    I look forward to next year. Congrats to your team! I bet your hubby is thrilled!


  • Erin,  That's so true.  I go in many times lately thinking that I already have learned what I need for myself, but am only there to "help others".  So far....I've learned something new for myself every single time!!  I guess even an old dog can learn new tricks both for helping myself and helping others.

    The pic of the girls is beautiful!!  Those eyes will melt your heart!



  • Erin,

    It was so great to see you this year, though I'm bummed we didn't get more of a chance to talk.  SU is great - but it is SO short!  I always feel like it's time to pack up and leave just as we're all getting settled.

    Love that pic of your girls - too cute.



  • I totally agree, Erin, that each year brings a new level of understanding, a new place to start off and new things we've learned about ourselves.

    I love that we are all looking at our husbands/partners differently, giving them a little more credit for all that they do instead of just seeing what they don't do.

    Love the picture of your girls.