Ethan & Casey's mom

A Decade of Walking and Remembering

  • Erin, that is so inspiring how much you have raised for March for Babies! I also love how much you speak out about infant loss.  I love going to our March for Babies as well and finding others that have gone through similar journeys.  Share has also been great for that!

  • Thank you so much Erin, for all that you do, and for being a voice for all the babies who never got the chance. Your efforts mean so very much!!

    Love and Hugs


  • Thank you Erin for everything you do for the March of Dimes and SYS!  Many hugs to you dear friend!


  • Erin, that is awesome!!! I envy you all that have awesome March for Babies chapters near by. Hugs to you.


  • glad you had a nice walk and I feel the same way every year trying to find a way to share my story because your right loss can easily be forgotten unless you've been through it.  Way to go for how much you raised! Nicki