Ethan & Casey's mom

SU 2013

  • What a great perspective, Erin. I think what Randi said about what dads/husbands do was really important. I hope Dan knows you're giving him credit :)

    Your girls are so lovely! It was so nice to see you last week.


  • Erin, I so understand this as each SU brings more perspective on self and just exactly where we all are individually on this journey.  I am so inspired by hearing others' stories, but I also look to you ladies who have been traveling longer than me.  The way that you continue to love and honor your boys all the while raising two beautiful girls . . . amazing strength!  I am so thankful for the walk. It felt good to breathe some non-conference room air for a bit and catch up. As always, I wish we had more time.  Thank you for allowing me to get those words out and for being so kind to listen.

    I look forward to next year. Congrats to your team! I bet your hubby is thrilled!


  • Erin,  That's so true.  I go in many times lately thinking that I already have learned what I need for myself, but am only there to "help others".  So far....I've learned something new for myself every single time!!  I guess even an old dog can learn new tricks both for helping myself and helping others.

    The pic of the girls is beautiful!!  Those eyes will melt your heart!



  • Erin,

    It was so great to see you this year, though I'm bummed we didn't get more of a chance to talk.  SU is great - but it is SO short!  I always feel like it's time to pack up and leave just as we're all getting settled.

    Love that pic of your girls - too cute.



  • I totally agree, Erin, that each year brings a new level of understanding, a new place to start off and new things we've learned about ourselves.

    I love that we are all looking at our husbands/partners differently, giving them a little more credit for all that they do instead of just seeing what they don't do.

    Love the picture of your girls.