Tales from the Schweitzer Side

Did I Break Her?

  • Oh Donna...I so completely get this. I didn't deal with the roller coaster of the NICU, but after I lost Josie  I had a severe inner conflict with desperately wanting a baby and vowing to never ever get pregnant again. I tried very hard not to be attached to Abbey in the womb and afterwards, while I did hold her when she needed it, I wasn't certain she would be here for very long. She was independent right away and as soon as she could move I pretty much never got snuggles again. She is friendly with a lot of kids but she doesn't have a set squad at school yet.

    I worry about this a little but I try to look on the bright side in thinking that it means she will never have issues making friends in new situations and changes in life.

    Love and Hugs


  • I have found myself trying not get too attached to this pregnancy. The only time I have really said anything to Landon was tell him not to die. So I kind of understand the detach part of pregnancy. I wish you luck with teen drama, social media makes high school lovely and girls can be hateful.


  • Love you! You didn't break that beautiful girl. She is finding her way in this world. And I truly believe these rough years will someday be why you're best friends.

    Big hugs!

  • Sending hugs...this mom thing can be hard especially when we mix in mom guilt. Nicki