Tales from the Schweitzer Side

Take that, prematurity

  • This is so awesome!  I'm so happy for both you and for Ryley.  You let him go and he proved to you that he could do it.  You watched him run ahead of you, out of your sight and proved to yourself that you could do that.

    You both rock!  


  • I'm reading this with tears of joy for both of you! I don't run...but I really admire those of you who choose to. I can only imagine what it must be like to let him go off on his own like that. I applaud you momma!

    Love and Hugs


  • Wow, GO Ryley and GO Donna!!! That's so cool for you both:) You must be so proud and in awe of your young man. I love all of those great signs you mentioned. How fun! Congrats to you both and hugs as you received that text that he had finished:) Tears!

    So inspiring,


  • So awesome!  You are both so inspiring!  

  • Way to go Ryley!  What an accomplishment  for him!  

    Hugs and Love,


  • Way to go Ryley! That is so incredible that he ran a half marathon!!!