Tales from the Schweitzer Side

Where did that feisty fighter go?

  • I can't offer many words of wisdom here because I am so not there yet with my parenting. After listening to the 12/13 year olds that have dance after abbey yesterday, I'm not looking forward to it! I hope venting here helped and that something will finally click and he will get his fire back!

    Love and Hugs


  • Oh girl.....  I'm not sure how to motivate the unmotivated either.  My own fighter has no sense of urgency or anything else lately and we're not quite to the same age yet.  Let's call it a "phase"....  All kids go through phases right?!  Hugs to you as you try to figure out the way to make it workable for the whole family.


  • Hopefully this is one of those things you can laugh about soon.  Riley and I just discussed that for her, next year is "for real".  It all goes on that permanent record that will go to college admission offices.  Big love to you and your Ryley.  He's a great kid.  

  • I'm so sorry you're having a sucky year and Ryley has lost his fight.  I hope it's something you can find in him or rekindle.  You know it's in there and I know you, you won't give up until you find is.

    So much love to you,


  • I wish I had an answer to why or how to motivate...but I do get it my son has the very laid back personality and at 6 it's already driving me crazy.  I can only imagine what it's like with a teenager. hugs to you.  

  • You know I know this journey. I wish I knew the answer that would "fix it". But the reality is... he has to want to fix it. We just have to pray that they figure it out sooner, rather than later. And trust me when I say he will figure it out. He will. You have to surrender or you will make yourself crazy.  And again... remember... he will figure it out. Love you!

  • Ohh I feel like you wrote this about Jadon.  Although its been the transition to middle school not high school.  If you happen to find the answer on how to fix all this I would love to know the secret.  I really hope this doesn't mean I will have to relive this year in 9th grade too.

    Hugs to you!