The Dynamic Duo--Hanna & Rachel

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  • Oh Karri.....I don't remember gym class being such a big deal?? I know that i took it for 2/4 years of HS , and rarely changed anything but my shoes...most of the time we did laps around the gym or played HORSE under an extra hoop. Granted I went to a very small rural high school but good grief. I hope that you can retain your sanity for the remainder of gym, and that Rachel gets some help with her "memory skills."

    Love and Hugs


  • I detested gym class.  It was horrible for all the reasons you mentioned (changing in a locker room full of other girls, showering, being active, ugh!) But I did it because, like you said, it's a requirement.

    Olivia, like Rachel (and me) hates gym class too.  Her reason is because she's not very coordinated and she hates to do things she doesn't do well.  So I sort of know your struggle, even though we're only in third grade gym around here.  Our gym teacher has actually asked Alyssa if she has any tips to get her sister to participate in class.  Ha!

    I wish I had advice for you.  Alas, I guess I just wanted you to know you're not alone in your struggle.

    Sending you hugs and love,


  • Oh gosh, this has to be beyond frustrating. It's PE and it's cost you $ (and some sanity). When I was in CA, we had to have 2 years or if one was an athlete, one would always have PE and it was usually 6th Hour for away games and practice. In AZ, students only have to have a year or a semester if their district does block scheduling. It also seems to be offered in summer school, so that students can have more room in their schedules for electives or other classes. I'm guessing her school doesn't offer it in summer school? Urgh, so frustrating! Hoping the Spec Ed teacher will have a idea or two or perhaps an alternative?



  • ugghh...I hated P.E. too for all the same reasons and was  happy to be done with it.  I hope her special ed teacher is able to help you come up with a plan that works.  NIcki

  • I really think Jadon is the male version on her.  PEven has been a huge fight since middle school started.  He hates dressing out and I have bought two people uniform already.  And we are only 9 weeks in.   At this point I'm at a loss of what to do I can't follow him to PE and make him dress out.   If you find something that works please share the secret.  



  • The dreaded PE....We avoided this whole topic in middle school for E with the type of school he's in. They do PE, but there's no locker room, no changing. We will have some additions to make to his IEP come high school when he HAS to take it at least his freshan year (sophomores aren't required to take it if they're in sports for two seasons). We already started laying the groundwork in his transition meeting the PE teacher in 5th grade - ideas like putting the required PE t-shirt on over his own clothes rather than changing completely. Not ideal, but something of a solution. Also, timing of the class - likely first class of the day so he could go to school in his PE clothes, or last period of the day so he could come home in them and avoid at least one session in the locker room.

    Hopefully the special ed teacher will have some answers, suggestions, and help for you!