The Dynamic Duo--Hanna & Rachel

Crappy Day

  • So many big hugs to you.   Know that we are here holding your hands through this when you want to vent, scream, kick, drink wine, etc.  Continue to be there for both of your girls and take your own timeouts when you need them.  You are an amazing mom!

  • I'm so sorry. All of this sucks. Many hugs to you.

    When I grow up, I want to be like you. :) You don't know it, but you are doing an awesome job.

    Hang in there. <3

  • Sorry for all of the crap. Finals week is almost over though and hopefully today is their last one. I know you're frustrated a bit. I know at times autism can really bring out the worst in them and us, but overall I'd say it's still awesome. Now, I'm not in the teenage years yet and my turn will come and then I'll really know. I was a high school teachers for 10 years, so I am familiar with the attitude. It's different when it's coming from your own kiddo and I get that. Your strength and energy with all of them is so inspiring. I hope that the latest derm appt will yield some positive results. All of your kiddos are amazing just like their Mom:)

    Pack extra wine and have a wonderful holiday away,


  • *Hugs* I can't imagine finals week with middle school and high school kids! This year  Abbey will take standardized tests for the first time and I'm really dreading it. I'm so sorry that Hannah is dealing with all of this, what a brave girl! Always here for you! You are such a an amazing mom, and I hope you get a moment to take care of you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a better day!

    Love and Hugs


  • How I wish I could reach through the computer and give you and your girls  hug!   Jadon was without screen time( also our leverage with him) for 9 weeks due to grades, not turning in homework,  and a round of other things.  Its hard to stick to your guns.  I can only imagine how hard those battles are.  Hugs hugs hugs!

    As for Hanna I'm sorry she is dealing with this flare up,  I can only Imagine how hard it is on your heart to watch her struggle with this.  Derek has Alopecia and every once in a while (usually when he is really stressed)  he gets multiple quarter sized bald spot all over his hear.  He is very self conscious about it and has had to get the steroid shot and after telling me about it I have to say you have one tough cookie on  your hands.  I hope this treatment will work her her and he hair starts to grow.  Let her know that we are thinking about her and we think she is amazing!  

    I hope the holiday are smooth sailing for everyone in your home.  Sending you a million hugs for the Crappy day and I hope you find today to be a better day for everyone!

    Much Love


  • Hugs to you. Crappy days are going to happen and admitting that they do is just fine. It really connects with the rest of us that no one is exempt from the terrible horrible no good days. Thankfully we have the good days that remind us the terrible days are worth fighting through. I am so sorry you are having a tough time with her and can't imagine what it is like. I am so glad you have a good support system with your husband as your teammate and together you two can stand strong. I will pray the injections help. Hugs to all of you!