The Dynamic Duo--Hanna & Rachel

Norman Rockwell we are not

  • Karri,

    I can imagine how it must feel to know one of your children will be missing, but I so agree that its very amazing and quite mature of Rachel to come up with a solution to what might be a problem for her. Frankly I might have to take notes from her because I am not always good at realizing what is too much for me to handle. Wishing your family a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing ski trip; and Rachel a wonderful time at Grandmas'!

    Love and Hugs


  • Happy holidays to you and yours Karri! That's pretty amazing that Rachel came up with a solution that works for everyone. That's maturity and while I know you're feeling a bit torn, enjoy that break! Siblings need a break from each other too and that's okay. I'm so excited to know that you guys made the trip to Park City last year! I've been many times and hope that you had some yummy barbecue at Texas Reds. I think there was a Chinese place across the street too. Yum! Have fun in Colorado and you might even share a ski lift with a Hollywood star!


  • I love this picture of your family.  I know how torn you must be because I'm feeling torn about it right beside you.  But we are all used to life not turning out the way we pictured in our heads.  The time will be amazing, you'll have a few moments of sadness along with it but Rachel will have her storybook vacation.  Much love to you.

  • I love all your traditions. I too love Christmas and can stress myself out a bit with trying to do too much.  Hope you have a good trip to Pa and To Colorado.  I know it will be hard for you going on vacation without your daughter but she will have her vacation that works for her.  Many holiday wishes and hugs to you all. Nicki