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MY 18weeks with Naul

What a long day!!

I figured today would along day but it really ended up wearing me  much thinner than I had truly been prepared for. Had quite a late night the night before. Was having some contractions that were more painful & coming more regular than what I had been experiencing the night prior. So that had me on edge. My doctor had been on call so she was able to call me back fairly quickly. Advising me to drink a large glass of water & lay down. Which thankfully did help. I always have something to drink in my hand but I guess I just needed more fluids last night. I am always so tired in the morning since sleeping at night has become some what of a joke these last few weeks. So I normally wake up to do my injection & crawl back to bed till Keira wakes up. Since she was also up fairly late it was well after 10am before she started to stir. I had my NST & o.b appointment at 1pm then following needed to head over to the high school & enroll Matt. So needless to say a late breakfast was rushed as I through in a load of laundry so I would have something comfortable to wear. I swear the hours just melted away faster than I could get things done. And that darn drier seemed to dry everything slower than I was needing it to. Cesar came home for lunch as I was having to fight Keira to get her dressed & her hair fixed. Sometimes I recent him for refusing to allow me to cut her bangs!!!! Her hair is so ling if I don't at least pull it in to a half pony tail she couldn't see the nose on the end of her little face. If all of that wasn't a work out in its self I had to then turn around & get Matt motivated. Which I had already asked him prior to getting Keira taken care of to get ready. Hauled butt to the doctors scared I was going to be late. We finally get in there. Ended up waiting longer than normally which of course had Keira rest less. They finally called me back & of course Keira started to scream her head off when I was out of sight. My NST ended up being very good but they seemed to have had me hooked up longer than normal or maybe it was because I could hear Keira screaming like the world was ending all the way back in that room. At one point a nurse that had popped in to check on me said o some one up front isn't happy & even tried to tell me she was sorry!!!!!!! I quickly told her o I was quite aware because that screaming lil one was mine as well as the 16 year old that was chasing her prob ripping his hair out by now. I was relieved when the doctor I seen today said my normal o.b would do those other tests next week instead of them being done today. I was just more than ready to get the heck out of there. We ran as quickly as possiable through a drive thru for a quick bite to hopefully make Keira a bit happier. Then off to the school. She was so tired & bored out of her mind since I had to try & enroll Matt on line. I was ready to rip my own hair out not even half way through it all. Keira kept throwing fit after fit & people kept starring at me like they had never seen an un happy 2yr old!!!!! I fought back every second wanting to scream at different parents at some point Im sure their brats also threw fits!!! But some how managed to control myself still don't know how I pulled that one off lol. Since control sure hasn't been my strong point for quite some time now. When we finally got through all that I did even have the energy to walk around school for matt to check things out. I now feel rather guilty for that but Keira had had her fill & so had I. We went to pick up Matts meds & then to the store for milk. I did not pull into our drive way till a few minutes before 5pm!!! And we left home at 12:30! Dh pulled in from work as we were un loading thank God. He took over & I went to bed for a few hours woke up for my evening injection then had a light late dinner & feel like a totally new personBig Smile Gonna try & work on Cesaro's baby blanket while I still have some energy left. Never know how long that will last. Really need to get this finished wish me luck 

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  • Oy, what a day!  Glad the contractions calmed down and hubby was able to give you some relief so you could rest!


  • Take it easy babe!  Like Lauren said you need to relax a pit!  -Samantha

  • What crazy day!  Glad you got a few minutes to rest and reenergize in the evening!

  • What crazy day!  Glad you got a few minutes to rest and reenergize in the evening!