Our Abigail

"Getting So Strong"

  • It’s so nice to hear that Abigail is doing well at her sports and getting so strong.  I think maybe we are at a similar time with our preemies. With my son (he’s 9 now) there are some things he can do now that I never imagined. But we are not free of the effects of his prematurity and it’s hard not to focus on these things. It’s nice to hear those complements from others - it helps shift us back to focus on their amazing accomplishments.

    Congrats on being the ambassador family!  



  • Welcome back. I think that we seek out what we need when we need it. It sounds like your daughter is making great gains. Sometimes it’s important to compare what our hopes for them are with what they are accomplishing. You’ve got a lot to be excited for and you can always complain to us about the frustrations too.


  • Hi! It's so good to hear from you and hear how well Abigail is doing. These kiddos of ours are such warriors. I think, given their start in this world, we tend to appreciate the simple things in life. BMI seems insignificant when you get to watch her running on the field and swimming laps in a pool. I know it does for me too.

    Thanks for updating us. I hope you continue to share your journey with Abigail. And congrats on the Ambassadorship.

    Take care,


  • Welcome back and thank you for the update we live updates.  So glad to hear how well Abigail is doing with her sports.  

    Sending so many hugs to you both.  


  • Abigail is an amazing young lady! Happy t o hear that she is doing well.