Both Mine Fly

  • weet dear friend.  I love you and your heart.  I love your sweet Z!  You have been a guiding light through my journey to reclaim my own faith.  You have cried with me, laughed with me, and have been an amazing friend.    I wish thing were different and our babies were here.  But know if they are anything like their mommas, they are up there giving everyone a run for their money.  

    So much love and so many hugs!


  • Hugs and love to you, Nesha. You inspire me with all you do to keep Z's memory alive, and I'll bet Z is one of the proudest angels in heaven... dancing around with pride that you are his mom.

    Much love to you!


  • Ronesha,

    I needed to read for myself. Even though it's been 11 years since my son left us I have to yet to find that peace with God. I have yet to step in a church and not cry. That's why I hardly do it but as hard as it is the few times I have I have felt that peace inside my heart. You're right God is patient and I wish I could be as strong as Zacc's momma somedays.

    I know with the Holidays being so close it takes us back to that beginning. I love that you have found ways to honor your sweet babies and I'm sure they are looking down on you and smiling for all you do in their memory. We know by now it's ok to cry, it's ok to be angry, it's ok to wish they were with us at every reunion and celebration, but they are. They will always be our babies.  I'm so sorry for the reasons that our paths crossed but just like they did I know our little ones are playing together in Paradise.

    Sending you many hugs,


  • You are an amazing momma who seeks out ways to reach others. Can you imagine how many families who have been touched by your story and your donations to the nicu? You are truly inspiring friend... We are lucky we have you. Thinking about you while you remember your sweet babies ❤️


  • Thank you for sharing!  So beautifully written! I am so glad you have the connection with God to find peace in knowing he is in control and his plan for you is larger than anything we can imagine or dream! We just have to keep the Faith! Your 2 children are so proud of their Momma and all you do to keep their lives alive! Fly high beautiful children! Hugs!

  • Thanks for sharing with us Ro- I'm glad that you are finding peace and doing so much good in honor of Z. Sending you lots of love and strength.

    Love and Hugs


  • Thank you.  Thank you for trusting us enough to share Zacc with us.  Thank you for sharing your faith, your love, your strength.  You are an inspiration of love and faith and beauty in this world fraught with anger and hate.

    Thank you for simply being true to who you are.

    Sending you so much love,


  • Nesha,

    I love that you have found ways to celebrate your angels and do something so positive in their memory. I'm glad to read that you are at a place where you find the joy in the time you spent together. I can relate to the lashing out and still having those moments that hit hard. I'm finding that it's going to take a lifetime to let go of all of the plans and dreams. Thank you for mentioning the holidays as a loss parent. They're coming and they can be really trying. I'll have my Kleenex tucked in my sleeves and ready to go. I'm wishing all of my angel mom friends a gentle holiday season.

    Sending love,


  • hugs to you.  You are a great mom to your angels and I know they are looking down smiling at you. Nicki