Gone with the Wind

  • Nesha-

    That's a houseful! I am on pins and needles wanting to hear more about this love back in your life!  It makes me so happy to see you write you have some of your happy back.  It's so amazing when that happens, I know it can still be shaky, and I"m sure with Zacc's birthday approaching things can always get out of balance, but it doesn't take away from the beauty of even having one of those "happy" back days.  I will be thinking of you extra as his birthday approaches- lean when you need.  We're here.



  • I can't wiat to hear more about this new guy!!!  Many hugs to you as your sweet boys birthday approaches.  Trinity's is next month too and anxiety is setting in.  Can't wait to hug you at SU!


  • Wow--you've had a lot going on!!!  I'm glad that the multiple transitions have gone well.  The breakups are often difficult, but it sounds like you're doing well with that and that great things were waiting on you!!  Georgia is a great state if you end up moving!!!  LOL!!  Keep us posted....you've got us wondering what next!


  • Nesha, I am glad to hear that family is around you and you are taking the new transitions in stride.  I'm sorry to hear about the dead weight.  You don't need any of that.  Hard enough to be an angel parent as it is and then to mother a man child on top of everything else.  You need peace and happiness.  I hope former flame is true to his word and can offer everything that you deserve.  I'm going to be thinking about you as your son's angelversary slowly approaches.

    Sending you hugs,


  • So happy to see an update from you. :) I am glad that you discarded some dead weight and have found someone who makes you happy. I can't wait to hear more. As to monkey's birthday I hope that his birthday brings you some reflection on his amazing albeit short little life and also is easier than last year. Like Lauren said we are always here.