Make a Difference This Year

  • It's so nice as always to see an update from you.  I think your sweet Zacc would understand this year and be proud of you for putting momma and your health first.  Gotta take good care of yourself right now so that next year you can bring that wagon load.  And he knows your love for him isn't measured in blankets.  A love as deep as you have for Zacc can't be measured by anything we can imagine- it's just too big.

    We always do a donation of some sort around Christmas time and I will be sure to think of your sweet Zacc when I do.



  • What a wonderful thing you do every year.  You just need to focus on you this year it sounds so you can get healthy and start back up next year.   We have always sent something to the NICU nurses around the holidays since they were absolute angels to Scott.   Take care of yourself and many hugs. Nicki