Putting My Size 11 Down

  • I remember very vividly when I had this same revelation. It was so bittersweet. I hope the transplant coordinator calls with good news and you are able to be put on the list. I will be praying.

    As for your sister moving out I know how much you are going to miss your boys but I am hoping this is going to be a blessing in disguise. Sending you love as always.


  • I hope that you meet the weight goal and get on that list. I will be keeping you in my close thoughts Nesha. 2015 will hopefully bring hope and more positive changes your way. I have the same thoughts too and want to make my angel proud. I know they'd want us to be happy and web are doing our best without them.

    Hugs on this journey,


  • Hey girlie!!!

    I hope that the news from the transplant team is good.  Keep us posted on that, and I'm sure with your determination, you'll be able to drop the needed weight!  

    That's really a great idea about the little girl!  It breaks my heart to see so many children who are not "wanted" or cared for out there when there are so many great moms unable to have children.  They need great people like you!  

    I'm looking forward to updates soon.....HUGS!!


  • Girl, I love you.. Hang in there!  I am always here.  I will march my but over to you and get you out of that house!  Hopefully they will put you on the donor list.  I worry about you.  Monkee is super proud of his momma.  I am sure of it!

    Love you,