Same Time Same Feeling Every Year

  • Praying for you that you would have strength that surpasses your own understanding and that when you fail to feel that strength that you would be gentle with yourself and know that you are an amazing mother!

  • Many hugs to you Nesha!  That sounds like a sweet moment remembering your little guy with your nephew, I love that he is so interested in learning about his cousin.   Thinking of you as you go through the days remembering your boy's life and all that he has changed in the world.


  • Love you more than you know.  Wish I could hug you now! 48 days right?  


  • Many hugs to you, Nesha! I'm glad that your mom and your nephew are so supportive, and that you found the courage to share those precious things of Zacc's with them. I have never shown my family Ethan & Casey's footprints, their foot imprint casts, the outfits they wore -- nothing. Those are mine and I guard them. Maybe I'll be like you and have the courage some day to open up.

    Looking forward to seeing you in October.


  • Many hugs.  How special it must have been seeing all those candles lit.  I think all of us just want to make sure our little angels are always remembered.  How special to have your nephew remember him.    It's refreshing sometimes to talk about our angels to a child they give such a different perspective and are so open and honest.  Zaccs memory will always be in your nephews heart.  I don't recall if we have met if not I am looking forward to meeting you in October. Nicki

  • Many hugs Nesha, I'm so thankful to many came out to light candles on Zacc's birthday.  I think of him and you often- and I am so very excited to see you at SU!