Riley bug

Christmas Time

  • Even though it wasn't prematurity or HELLP syndrome that has made Abbey an only child, I still understand how they long for siblings. I have 3 siblings, and while I didn't grow up with them I can see it in Abbey's eyes when I talk about them. She adores babies and toddlers and is always willing to "babysit" when our friends are over with their littles. Riley is so beautiful!! I only hope I can raise such an amazing 14 year old someday!

    Love and Hugs


  • What a beautiful young lady.  I think Im shocked that she feels she has a "lack of Confidence"  When I see her and all the amazing things she is doing and achieving its hard to believe she feels that way.    I hope that she find her confidence because I have no doubt that their is a beautiful future ahead of her.  Her passion to give back the way she does is inspiring.   She may now have an older sibling to look up and show her the way but she does have and amazingly strong mother who never gave up, and that is a great role model.  

    Much Love


  • So sweet. So glad most of the typical signs of prematurity have left your house but it surely doesn't make it any easier. I am also sorry that you lost the chance to have anymore children. I struggle with this as well. I am not content but don't like that I didn't get to chose. The choice was made for me and I hate that. We can hate it together. Hugs!

  • Ouch.  I know how much it hurts you to see her wishing for those younger siblings that simply don't exist.  I know you wanted more kids too and so having to make the tough decision to not have any more has to still hurt, even years later.

    You've done such an amazing job of making sure Riley has friends and spends time with cousins (and second cousins :-) ) and just giving her ever opportunity.

    It may never not hurt that she doesn't have those younger brothers you yearned to give her but I Hope the pain lessens as the years pass and you watch the beautiful young lady she's becoming blossom and change the world.

    So much love,