Riley bug

Facing my fears

  • Wow, my stomach would have been in knots too. Kudos to Riley for her fundraising efforts, and thinking outside the box. Maybe seeing her and seeing you will make that doctor re-evaluate his standards of care.

    Hugs to you.


  • This entire posts makes me giddy with pride and yet, a little sick to my stomach because I know what you went through facing that doctor.  

    I admit I snorted back a laugh when Riley replied with, "Oh yeah, I lived."  Because, hahahaha.  She's awesome, that girl of yours.  I'm pretty sure we all know where she gets her sense of humor.

    I hope he comes through with the donation but you know what?  Even if he doesn't, you guys won that day.  

    So much love,


  • Ugh - totally get it!! I haven't seen the OB I had with Ryley since my 20 week visit. I think I'd want to bash him over his arrogant head. Maybe this will give you a little resolution, maybe not. But holy crackers, that was brave.