Riley bug


  • She does look so fierce right here!!  I think of myself as a teenager and am a completely different person. I went to a small school in a small town where everyone knew everything about you and you were desperately afraid to to be anything that could be judged. It haunted me until sophmore year of college when I had enough. I'm sure that Riley will have her moment when she is over the judgement, and I hope its sooner than I did. Just keep telling her she is amazing and fierce (insert teenage eye roll) and eventually she will believe you!

    Love and Hugs


    PS- I think swagger is a good thing :)

  • I'm so living this right now Julie. It's honestly one of the most difficult things I've faced as  parent, outside of the NICU. It's so painful to sit on the sidelines and watch.

    Sending you hugs. Hopefully our girls can work through this transition, and be the incredible people we see inside of them.


  • This entire post breaks my heart.  I wish so much that I could let Riley see herself, for just one minute, how the rest of the world sees her.  She's so strong, so smart, so beautiful, so resilient.  But I was once a teenager (like you!) and we both know that no matter how many people tell us those things, until we see them ourselves, it's just not there.  I am so glad she has you in her corner, on her side, helping her navigate these tough years.  

    And the whole 'blank spot' question?  Well, who knows, right?  I mean, sure, some of it might come from that brain bleed but you said yourself, what if it did?  You can't go back and undo it.  All you can do is continue to be there for her, help her figure it out, sometimes even, yikes, let her fall and help her get back up.

    You're as amazing as she is.  I truly hope you see that.  

    I love you both forever!


  • Hugs to Riley! And to you too! This parenting gig ain't for wimps. Maybe once she's through this 1/2 marathon she can take a break from all non-mandatory things and just hang with some friends. Just being a kid... not thinking about speaking engagements, training runs, saxophone practice, and school work. Just listening to music, hanging with her friends maybe playing games, making slow- motion videos and being silly sounds like just what she needs.

    Hope she can find some down time.

    And yes.... love this picture too!

    love and hugs,


  • I have truly enjoyed watching your fighter grow up through your words.    I wish she could see herself the way I see her.  To me she is amazing.  She is accomplishing so much with school, gymnastics, fundraising.  Watching her in her element at the dance marathons makes me smile.  I hate that she is feeling overwhelmed.  I hate that she is struggling to see just how amazing she is on the inside and outside.    I hope that she will find a moment of peace soon and that this slow down a bit for her.

    Many hugs