Riley bug

Prematurity Photo Challenge

  • You're right - we are used to looking at our own kid's pictures, but seeing those of our friends, those children we know now, it's painful. Although those little hands and little feet, and the tubes picture, of my Ryley about did me in. It sucks, all that prematurity stole from us. These photos are stark reminders, but at the same time, it's healing and hopeful to face the challenge each day. Love you my friend!

    ~ D ~

  • You said exactly what I struggled to articulate when you posted Riley's first picture.  I'm not always emotional when I look at my girls pictures after seeing them so many times. But to see Riley and all the other SYS babies who were born so early breaks my heart. It's so hard to reconcile those fragile babies with the amazing kids I have been blessed with watching grow and thrive.

    I guess we channel that pain into action and keep fighting for that cure we all want for every mom and baby.

    Love you lots!