Riley bug

Smells like Teen Spirit

  • If Charlie turns out half as awesome as Riley, I will be one proud mama! Happy Holidays <3

    Rebecca and Charlie

  • Upon reading this post I realize that your teenager possesses more charm, dignity, grace and patience than I myself, at 33, ever have or ever will. Kudos to you mom and dad for such an amazing person you are raising.

    Love and Hugs


  • You are doing an amazing job with her.  She is smart, dedicated, passionate, and giving of her time and heart.  I know teenage years can be tough we are only at preteen and Im already about to lose it! haha.  Please give that sweet girl a hug from Florida.  I have enjoyed watching her grow through your post and pictures.   I hope you all have a beautiful Holiday together!

    Much Love


  • Can I just say that Riley's band director sounds like a horrible person and an even worse teacher.  This person isn't teaching college where his/her students have CHOSEN to make music their life.  This flipping high school.  Sorry for the rant but just reading about the band drama made my blood pressure rise.

    Like everyone else, I want to say that I think you are an amazing mom who is raising a smart, beautiful, generous, strong daughter who is going to change the world.  

    Love you and Riley to the moon and back,