A blast from the past...

  • Wow, how amazing to have reconnected.  What a small world.  I hope if and when you're able to meet it provides a further measure of peace.

    It's nice to see an update from you, and I hope you will continue to update.  :)


  • Hey!!  Good to see you again!  Wow, that's great that you were able to reconnect with your NICU buddy and plan on trying to keep in touch in the future.  I'm sure that will be healing for both of your hearts remembering your angel boys.  Hugs!


  • Its always hard to hear about another parents losing their child but at the same time nice to have a connection with someone whom you knew while your son was alive. It's bittersweet I am sure. I hope that the two of you will re-connect over coffee and catch up.

    I am so glad that you re-connected on Share as well. It is always such a wonderful place to come back to.