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  • Of course your loss counts! I wish that I could believe that after many years it wouldn't hurt any more, but I know that's not true. The most helpful thing for me after losing my twins was meeting people whose loss was years ago and seeing that they could live their lives with parts of their hearts missing.

    Blog for you, not for anyone else! Although I DO think your experiences are helpful to other angel moms, I also think it must be good to have a place to talk about Shane and Sean.

    Hope you're in a better mood :)


  • I disagree with you. Your blog does matter and I have read allot of your posts, I just may not comment on them. While your loss may not be brand new, it is always important and I don't think people think any less of it cause you are farther in your journey.

    I agree with What Shannon said. Blog for you, to share your thoughts.


  • I agree with Shannon.  When I found share it wsnt the new losses that got me through it was those families who had suffered a loss and survived for a year, two years, even more.  When I first lost Trinity I never thought I would make it through the first day, month, and never imagine making it a year!  Hang in there your voice counts everyone here's does!  Sending you a million hugs!

    Lots of Love,


  • It is truly SO important for "new" angel moms to hear the stories from those who have walked in their shoes so many years ago.

    When I first joined Share, I would read other blogs and just count down the days until I could feel less pain like those moms.  I've since learned that it's a process...and that comes from reading the stories of others.

    Like Shannon for you...and if someone else happens to feel better, that's the bonus.

    I'm sorry that you felt no one was reading and commenting.  We should be there for EVERYONE!

    I hope your mood improves and you keep blogging!

    Take care,


  • When I first came to share the stories that gave me the most inspiration and help were the ones who had years ahead of our journey. The ones who have already lived passed where we were. Please know your story matters to everyone here.