Mourning While Still Growing

Body Don't Fail Me Now

  • I hope things settle downstairs at the next appointment. Those steroid shots are not fun, but they can do so much good:) Is your doctor indicating bed rest just yet or just taking it week by week? Yep, one day at a time. Keep us posted and rest those feet.



  • So far no bed rest. She said that studies have shown that bed rest doesn't really work. So as of right not I just have to continue to get my progesterone shots and now the steroids. I will see my doctor next week and know more then.

  • Thinking of you as you process all this and do your best to muddle through all the appointments. After I lost Josie all I could think about was the fact that people who didn't want babies did drugs and drank alcohol and their babies didn't have syndromes or anomalies. It was infuriating. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Never forget that's what we are here for and this is the place for it. I know that stats aren't on your side with the boy vs girl in the NICU, but a new Share mom and one of my best friends has a baby boy who was released 3 days before his due date after being born at 27w1d, due to preeclampsia and HELLP . The steroids for lung development is a huge help for them. I'm sure if he is anything like you he is already a fighter :)

    Love and Hugs


  • Love hugs and prayers for your a sweet baby.   Haha Lindsey said "settle downstairs"   I also hope things settle down downstairs.

    Love ya girlie


  • Thinking of you and hoping you can rest and relax and those progesterone shots keep your little guy inside! Those steroids do wonders for those lungs!!  Each day counts :)  I had 0 cervical length from week 22 to week 33 when I delivered!  You can do this!



  • I am sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs your way.  It can be frustrating when seeing people who can so easily have kids when they don't take care of themselves.   Just take deep breathes and take it one day at at time.  Hugs, Nicki

  • Hugs and love to you, Tamara.


  • I have been thinking of you a lot since I saw your ultrasound photos.   Hugs, love and encouragement coming your way in double doses!