Mourning While Still Growing

Egg G.

  • Tamara,

    I'm sorry for your loss. I'm thinking of you.

    Good luck at your new job on Monday. I'm really interested in hearing all about it.

    Many hugs,


  • Sorry for your loss Tamara. But I wish you luck in your new endeavors.

    Love & Hugs


  • I'm so sorry Tamara. I hate that you are going through this. Please know that we are all here for you. Sending you many hugs.


  • Tamara, I'm so sorry that this happened. I hope that Travis and your family are there for you to support you.

    Good luck to you in your new line of work and be careful.


  • I'm sorry for your loss.  I'm also sorry that this has caused a setback in how your family treats you.  I suffered an early miscarriage before I had my girls and so I think I understand where you're coming from in trying to look at this from the point of view of the glass being half full.

    I hope your new job goes well and that you continue to stay positive.

    So much love to you,


  • I am sorry about your miscarriage.  I had an early miscarriage before I got pregnant with Scott.  I remember having spotting and how nerve wracking it was.  But as you said it's the egg not developing properly ad I realize now that there was nothing the doctor could do.  Good luck with your new job. hugs. Nicki

  • So sorry for your miscarriage. It can be really hard when there are no symptoms. Sorry also to hear how your family is treating you. I still struggle with things people say about miscarriages and infant loss. Thinking of you and wish you good luck as you begin your new career!