Mourning While Still Growing

Heartless Generation

  • No, your generation is not filled with heartless *******. YOU are proof of that! I'm astonished at your maturity in the face of this attack. It's not easy to be the bigger person, but here you are, choosing happiness instead of letting these girls bring you down. Allison is pure and her memory will remain so despite any attempts by others to hurt you or her.

    I cannot even understand the motivation of people like this. I had a student who pretended that she'd had a baby who was in the NICU. Posted pictures and everything, then she said he died. Of course, I reached out to her and on the day she was supposed to go to a support group with me, I found out that it had all been lies. Why anyone would choose that for their story is beyond me. You have every right to be angry.

    Block that girl and keep your head up. Much love to you <3


  • Tamara, I'm so sorry that people feel like it's okay to harass you about Allison or anything else.  I think that every generation has heartless people, just like every generation has people who are kind and loving and generous.  Like Shannon said, look at you.  You are proof that your generation has good people.

    Keep living well and remind yourself that you are better than the drama they're trying to stir up.

    So much love to you,


  • Tamara,

    I too am astonished at your ability to be the better person here. You are absolutely right that nothing anyone else says or does can tarnish Allison in your heart. She was an innocent and always will be. She will always be yours and always be loved.

    I would suggest blocking her number through your wireless carrier and on all of your social media.

    Love and Hugs


  • It took me a few days to post this. Mainly because I had to talk myself down from driving to Michigan just to use physical violence against them. So at first I wasn't very mature about it. But a lot of people calmed me down. Thank you all.

  • I am sorry you are having to deal this.  You have the right attitude to just look at how your life is going okay and try not to let it get to you. I know it's hard to not let it get you but at least your trying.  Sometimes people just want everything to be about them and will stop at nothing to make sure it happens no matter who they hurt.  Nicki

  • People can be so cruel. I think that you have been given life experience that has put you in a place to grow up so quickly. Some people never grow up and have a need for constant attention. It is not your generation, just maturity in general as well as whether this person has a kind heart. I hope that some day she will learn compassion. So many people are proud of who you are and support you. Allison will always be yours no matter how hard this old friend tries to hurt you.

  • Wow, as an angel mom myself I just got extremely offended reading that someone would actually fake losing a baby. So sorry she decided to start texting you and bringing drama/negativity into your life and saying negative things about Allison. You are definitely showing you are the better person by not letting them get to you. Thinking of you!