Mourning While Still Growing

Is This My Rainbow

  • That is wonderful news! I think many people here will tell you to happily take that shot each week :-) Please keep us posted on your progress!!

  • Congratulations Tamara!!! So exciting! Those shots do a whole bunch of good and really, what's another shot in the long run, right? I can only imagine all of the emotions. Please don't worry about one birthday overshadowing another. You'll find a balance. Keep on taking it one day at a time and let us know how you and baby boy are doing.

    Rest mama,


  • Congratulations, Tamara! Such an exciting time for you. I had the progesterone injections during my last pregnancy and credit those, along with bed rest with keeping Will safely inside until he was born.

    As for his due date and Allison's Anniversary, I would share that with your doctor. Aside from you going into labor on your own they can try avoid that date if you would need an induction or c-section. You may have no control of when he actually arrives, but at least you and your doctor have talked about that.

    Good luck!


  • Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you!! I can only imagine how heavy the birthday issue is weighing on your mind. My biggest fear when I got pregnant with Abbey is that she would look too much like Josie and I wouldn't be able to look at her with the true joy you have when you meet your baby and instead be preoccupied with the sorrow of missing my first and lost baby. Do your best to enjoy each moment.

    Love and Hugs


  • Congratulations Tamara! I'm so happy for you! I also got the weekly P17 shots and you're right at the end it's definitely all worth it. Please keep us updated!



  • Congrats to you!  Please keep us posted!

    Much Love


  • congratulations!   all my boys birthdays ( husband, Sons are in one week in June-6/1, 6/2, & 6/5) You find the balance.   hugs. Nicki

  • Tamara, congratulations! I understand how bittersweet it is to expect a rainbow baby -- and I am wishing a full, uneventful 40 weeks for you.

    I took the shots. Yes, they were a pain in the butt, but oh-so-worth it. I took them with both Kaelin and Kelsey. (I have some tips, if you need any. I did my own.)

    I know the closeness in dates is sending your emotions on a roller coaster. I felt the same way with Kaelin. Her EDD was March 24 ... the same month that Ethan & Casey were born. I was sick over it. She ended up coming on March 10 -- exactly two years later -- and to the very day - that we said our final goodbyes with our families.

    In my situation, as much as I hated Kaelin being born in the same month of her brothers, I began viewing it as she was a gift from my sons ... so that I had more sunshine than pain in that month. And honestly, having her birthday a few days after theirs has helped me immensely.

    Sending you much love and many hugs.