Mourning While Still Growing

Mother's Day

  • I'm glad that you didn't hate the day quite as much this year. Your last line is very well put- I completely get it. I spend every year eternally grateful for Abbey's life and all that she is to me, while mourning Josie and wondering what her life would have been. Thanks for the update on Landon- I hope he continues to amaze you and bring you so much joy.

    Love and Hugs


  • Sweet pea I'm so happy that you had the opportunity to have sloppy kisses from Landon this year. I hope it softened the blow a little. I know you were probably reminded that day in the back of your mind that Allison is not there. I could see how difficult it must be to be so devoted and love Landon but still mourning Allison. I pray as the years fly by that it gets somewhat easier. We never get over, but we get through.

    Love and light,


    aka Ro

  • Oh my goodness.... Landon is precious. Love that sweet little face. I'm glad that you're finding happiness in mothering him, but understand how bittersweet it all must be.

    Sending hugs to you