Mourning While Still Growing

My Rainbow is Viable

  • Hugs and Love.  I can not wait to see this sweet rainbow.  Enjoy these coming weeks!  

    Much Love


  • Thinking of you, I know those progesterone shots are no fun!  Congrats on 25 weeks!  Hang in there mama, and keep us posted.  


  • I am so happy for you girl! I remember those P17 shots, just keep reminding yourself it is so worth it. Can't wait to meet your sweet rainbow! Hugs!

  • I too understand wanting to plan out every aspect you possibly can, especially after a loss and being so much more aware of unknowns than other people usually are. I hope you can form a plan that will bring you some peace and enable you to enjoy your pregnancy. Wishing you a very uneventful  next 7 weeks.

    Love and Hugs