Mourning While Still Growing

The Lessons Keep Coming

  • So glad you feel safe to come to share and vent. I am sorry you are going through this. Hugs!

  • So sorry you are having problems with Allison's father again. You are right, you shouldn't feel guilty or obligated to give him things if he is not deserving of them. Hope your move went well and things are otherwise going well for you in Michigan!

  • Welcome back and glad to see you made it back to Michigan safe!  Im sorry that Allison's father let you down again.  Sending you a million hugs and so much love!


  • I'm sorry he is not the kind of man you and Allison deserve. I certainly know the disappointment of trying to share and then remembering he'd rather just forget (not that Allison's dad is the same, but whatever it is, it obviously sucks). You DON'T have to share her, and I agree that only those who can honor her memory and celebrate her kick-A momma should get to know her at all.


  • So nice to see you back! I am sorry he is once again letting you down. I don't blame you for not wanting to share her- I'm not sure I would share Josie with anyone, under any circumstances. I wouldn't want any part of her not with me, although I commend you on your grace and desire to be fair and share with her father.

    Love and Hugs