Mourning While Still Growing

Tis the season of heartache.

  • Tamara,

    I am so sorry that your cousin and his girlfriend are such awful parents.  This world is so unfair.  And the fact that people would tell you that you don't get to have an opinion since you don't have living children is just so wrong.  

    Your daughter is real.  She is loved.  You are a mother who would give anything, ANYTHING, to hold your children one more time.  we know this.  You know this.  People who don't know this are ignorant and should be ignored.

    Wishing you the best in the new year,


  • All I can do is send you a million hugs!  It has to be tough!  So much love and many many hugs!   Samantha

  • I have family members who don 't understand it either. I've met people along the way who just can't empathize. It can be so hurtful and upsetting. Each day you breathe without her is a milestone. I hope that you can find a way to shield yourself from the ignorant comments.

    Best New Year wishes and hugs,


  • I, too, am glad the holidays are over because of the emotions that bubble up.

    I am sorry that your cousin and his girlfriend are lacking in the parent department. I wonder myself why people like that get to have children so easily.

    Your daughter is indeed real, and you will always be her mom. Never doubt that for a second.

    Much love to you.