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We had our ENT appointment yesterday and I'm still not fully settled from it.  Based on her symptoms and listening to her they said that she has laryngomalacia as expected.  To confirm they would have to do a scope but he didn't want to put her through that just yet, only if she gets worse.  So we'll go back in a month, if she's worse we'll scope if not we'll leave her alone and follow up again at a later point.  Typically kids with this he said get worse until they're 2-4 months old and then start getting better with symptoms resolving by the time they're 12-18 months old.  Since she's only two weeks old and we've already been into the ER once he said he expects to see us there again by the time she's two months old.  I "love" it when they predict stuff like that, ugh.  She'll probably be waking up more often the second half of the night because of having apnea spells, which she definitely does wake up a lot more the second half of the night now.  Also said he wants us to bring her in if she starts having nasal flaring, retractions or turning blue.  Which hearing all this sends me sort of into a panic.  I told him I was really worried about her stopping breathing at night before I know what was up and he told me that these kids don't just stop breathing at night.  Then tells me she'll sleep better on her side but then we're increasing the risk of SIDs.  Seriously, this guy knows how to just dig into my fears and put them out on show.  I'm considering going into our pediatrician to talk this over with her and hoping maybe she'll be able to settle my heart a little better than this guy did.  I'm going to be getting a snuza or angel care monitor in the meantime to at least give me some sense of ease at nighttime because no matter what he says that she'll be fine at night when he starts throwing around apnea, and blue baby and SIDs it sends a mommas heart and mind into panic mode.

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  • MANY MANY HUG TO YOU!  I cant imagine how scary this is for you!  I think I would have just burst into tears in the office, actually I KNOW I would have.  I'm glad you are looking into the monitors if anything it will help ease you fears *maybe* a little.  I know for the next few months you wont be getting much sleep!  Thinking of you and that sweet baby girl of yours!  She is truly one beautiful baby girl!


  • Wow Stacy, the dr really said all of those things? Sounds like one of those dry, matter-of-fact types that I am not so fond of.

    Huge hugs, I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I am glad that you are getting the monitor, because yes I am sure you are so scared. With a condition that she will grow out of, but that is scary in the meanwhile, I wish they'd offer you some type of monitor or something to help you relax and know that she's ok.

    Is Charles home? Is your mom nearby? maybe you all can work out shifts so that you can get some sleep!


  • Sending you guys lots of prayers and positive thoughts. No doubt you are so so scared right now. I am hoping that her condition improves with no intervention needed and quickly.



  • Oh Stacy, I am glad to hear that you have some answers, but really this is so scary for you both.  Oh my!  You poor dear, are you sleeping at all?  Can parental units come up and take a shift watching over Isla so that you can catch up on some zzzz's?  Do check with her peds office and hopefully that will help you feel a tiny bit better. This is so unfair:(  This should so be a time where you just get to be and relax with your baby girl.

    Thinking of you all,


  • Stacy sending you tons of hugs! These doctors I tell you! Just want you to know you are in my prayers and so is sweet Isla! Thinking of you guys this holiday season.  

  • Well, holy moly!!!  I just caught up on Isla's excitement!!!  I'm with you on the what -ifs!!!  I'm also with you on getting a monitor until that time comes.   Obviously this guy doesn't know your history, but could've given instructions with a bit more sensitivity that pretending like blue baby and SIDS is no big deal.  UGH!!!  Some people!!!!!  Hugs as they figure out sweet girl's next move.  Always keeping mommy on her toes!


  • Oh Stacy, I am so sorry for all this, I truly hope that with time (very short time) things improve for Isla. And that this would be just a passing thing cured by time… Thinking of you and your family, wishing you always the best

    big hug